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Here's what our customers have to say...

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I have tried a LOT of gluten free bread and bun options. Planet Princess are my hands-down favorite. I absolutely LOVE these buns! They make amazing burgers without gluten or grains. If you can get your hands on these buns, don’t hesitate! 

-Cameron, WA

I eat a Keto diet and had all but given up on ever eating bread. Then a friend told me about Planet Princess. THANK YOU for bringing burgers on a BUN back into my life! - Lisa, MN

With my pre-diabetic health challenges, gluten free breads have not worked for me. I cannot believe there is finally bread out there that I can truly enjoy without stressing about it. Thank you, Planet Princess! - Carol, OR

These buns are delicious. And they’re not just good “gluten/grain free buns.” They’re straight-up really good buns packed with flavor and great toasted or not. 

- Sam, MN

These buns have really great flavor and texture. Even my friends that aren’t gluten free love these buns. They’re soft but don’t fall apart when you add spreads or sandwich fixings. Perfect for every possible use. - Gretel, MN

Planet Princess is pure bun magic that allows you to eat well without compromise. Knock your socks off good! - Andrea, MN

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