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Trying to find a truly delicious gluten and grain free bread is a challenge. And I was frustrated. I just couldn't find one that was satisfactory to me. They were either too high in carbs or broke apart easily and tasted awful. Ingredients and additives were questionable. They were also bereft of any nutrition. And low carb, Paleo and KETO friendly? No luck at all. 


I set out to develop bread that is gluten free and grain free, dairy free, additive free and nutritious, bread that feeds your body. It had to be soft and pliable, toast well, and hold up to heavy wet ingredients without getting soggy or breaking apart. It had to be rich in protein and low in carbs. Paleo and KETO friendly.

A lot of people didn't believe it was possible. But I stayed persistent. Two years later, Planet Princess Buns are here to stay - and available to you!  


My name is Alisa. Happily, I am now part of a fearless team of four. We work hard to bake, hand slice, and hand bag our buns and make them available to you. 


We hope you will benefit from our nutritious, delicious, gluten free, grain free, junk free :-) breads that are a joy to eat. 

I couldn't do this without my team. And we can't do this without you, our loyal customers. The demos -  when we get to talk with you "in person" - is our favorite part.


We want to sincerely thank you for your interest in and support of Planet Princess.

Alisa, Samuel, Kristen, and Charlotte

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