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Things to Consider When Choosing a Gluten Free Bread


Check the nutrition panel. Gluten free bread alternatives often offer little, if any actual nutritional value.


Read the ingredients carefully. The grain flours and starches used to replace gluten-containing grains register high on the glycemic scale, potentially spiking blood sugar.

Take note of fillers and additives. Gluten free products often contain additives such as guar and xanthan gums. 


Read customer reviews of the product. Gluten free breads are often dry and tasteless, break apart easily, and get soggy quickly.

Check the carb content. Dietary health trends have moved to lower carbohydrate eating, making gluten free bread substitutes - which are often high in carbs - unsatisfactory, especially to Paleo/Keto eaters needing low carb, grain-free options. 


• In summary, gluten free bread substitutes often just don't measure up. 

  And health questions surrounding gluten free substitutes are rising... 


What's the Solution? Planet Princess Buns, of course!



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